Updated January 2023**Happy New Year!**

Norwich Hackspace is open again full-time for members, and visitors are welcome on our open days.

This year we have gained new members and some have moved on. We have purchased a new fibre-laser cutter which is being explored by a couple of members who are getting some great results engraving onto metal.

We have also invested in better and more varied 3D printers and more electronics and metal-work gear.

In the summer we visited the workshop of tinker-genius Tim Hunkin, presenter of The Secret Life of Machines, author of 'Almost Everything there is to Know' (we now have our own signed copy) and maker of the amazing machines of the End of the Pier Show at Southwold in Suffolk.

We also had a pizza challenge which turned into a pizza party. The idea was to make pizza ovens outdoors but an attack of Covid stopped the pizza oven-making so we used a snazzy Ooni oven to make some brilliant pizzas in our backyard space at Lion House and just ate them! Never mind the competition

One of the members ran an Arduino evening, getting other members to make a basic Arduino controlled weighing machine. Other than that, people have been running their own projects and there is a long-running group project to make an arcade game in a retro cabinet. One member is making his own hurdy-gurdy and there are many other interesting things going on. It is a friendly and collaborative space.

We try and enable members to follow their interests and if they have an idea, to help them make it happen.

Potential members and visitors are welcome on Monday evenings 7-9pm at our premises in Muspole Street, Norwich NR3 1DJ. We have limited access for wheelchairs but we will do our best to accommodate any needs. Please email info@norwichhackspace.org in advance if you want to visit.

Please email info@norwichhackspace.org for more info. We will respond as soon as we can.

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