Another busy Monday meeting this week - activities included:

  • Starting to build cheap Chinese oscilloscope kits (Archie and Toby)
  • Controlling addressable RGB LEDs from a Raspberry Pi Zero W (James M)
  • (Finally) laser cutting the signs for our landlords with engraving laminate (Marion)
  • Making a machine to seal the ends of balloons on the laser cutter (Nicholas)
  • Laser cutting a template for vinyl flooring sizes (Barny)
  • Continuing improvements to the workshop area (Alan S and others)
  • Wiring up a (home-made) plywood floor lamp (Steve)
  • Inflating modelling balloons with the air compressor, and making them into (often weird and demented) animals (Brian and Archie)
  • Milling a spindle adaptor for a CNC router (Barny)
  • Making a centre finder for making the spindle adaptor for the CNC router (Barny)
  • Working on sending SMS messages following an accelerometer trigger (Dan and Ann)

We have just secured a second laser cutter for the hackspace - this one a much cheaper, nastier, Chinese cutter we can tinker with without risking thousands of pounds worth of equipment! We will get the cutter itself over the next couple of weeks. There was also another good Young Makers Tech Club meeting on Saturday where the kids finalised their entries to a Raspberry Pi competition.

Happy Hacking, Archie


Nicholas' 'chicken' balloon tying machine


James' Mood Light kit


Steve's beautiful plywood lamp

Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Mar 11, 2017


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