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Norwich Hackspace is a group of people who enjoy making and recreating things, inventing, investigating, collaborating and generally tinkering. Membership is currently a minimum £15 a month. 

We work with new technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, robotics and more traditional forms of making as textiles, ceramics, animation, etc.

The Hackspace is funded by membership subs and not reliant on grants or donations. It can scale with needs of the community that funds it. Occasionally we receive funding for specific purposes.



Car Speedo - Zero problems but I got one


For background please take a look at the first Speedo post.

So I was all smug after the first post that I had finally found a rock solid solution to the speedo gauge mechanism. However during testing a problem came up and that was with the zero com...

Posted in Projects on Sep 05, 2017

These Weeks at Hackspace - 15th and 22nd March

This week (I may have forgotten last week's post!) the hackspace was a little quiet but still lots going on, including:

  • Birthday cakes for Tim and Ben (Tim's cake was rather excellently cooked by Nicholas)
  • Archie, Dan, Ann and Barny tried some SMD soldering, and also tried to convert a toaster oven to do reflow with not much success and a lot of melted components
  • Ben showed off his awesome 3DPburner DIY laser engraver
  • More testing and development work was done on the ESP8266/Accelerometer project (and a prototype PCB was designed and ordered)
  • Lots of chatting on how best to measure laser cutt...
Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Mar 27, 2017

This Week at Hackspace - 8th March 2017

Another busy Monday meeting this week - activities included:

  • Starting to build cheap Chinese oscilloscope kits (Archie and Toby)
  • Controlling addressable RGB LEDs from a Raspberry Pi Zero W (James M)
  • (Finally) laser cutting the signs for our landlords with engraving laminate (Marion)
  • Making a machine to seal the ends of balloons on the laser cutter (Nicholas)
  • Laser cutting a template for vinyl flooring sizes (Barny)
  • Continuing improvements to the workshop area (Alan S and others)
  • Wiring up a (home-made) plywood floor lamp (Steve)
  • Inflating modelling balloons with the air compressor, and making...
Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Mar 11, 2017