Build Your Own exhibition at Norwich Castle Desktop Prosthetics
Raptor Hand Prosthetic hand project 

Our first and one of the most successful project was part of an exhibition at Norwich Castle, a collaboration with DoESLiverpool, a co-working space in the heart of Liverpool and funded by the Crafts Council, Norwich Castle and Liverpool FACT. Inspired by a local family who used DoESLiverpool's workshop to print hand parts from the open-source Raptor Hand design, they asked other similar organisations to join them in running measuring workshops and print run in other parts of the country. This was all allied to the global project Enabling the Future which links volunteer 3D printers with young people that are lacking fingers. Printing a Raptor Reloaded costs around £10 and a lot of patience but is a lot more effective for young people than waiting for a major prosthetic which they have grown out of before it is made, and too expensive generally. We printed hands for four young women aged 3 to 15. Pictured here is Erin with her hand.