This week at hackspace is much quieter compared to last week. On Monday….

  • Toby and I worked on the Shapeoko CNC project which has stalled slightly. Got it moving and cutting but still need to tweak the config.
  • James M, Alan S, Philip and others continued work on the new workbench
  • Philip was playing with analogue sensors and arduino
  • Tim and Nicholas were working with Blender, making model planes
  • Marion was test-lasercutting signage for our landlords
  • Dan, James M and others tried 3D scanning using an XBox Kinect camera
  • Everyone played with Dan’s seriously cool robotic arm, and many AA batteries were transferred from one plastic pot to another.
  • Dan and Archie began scheming about another project - a real-time IoT tube map
  • Brian brought along a box of components which were critiqued by the other hackers


The CNC in action



Playing with robots

There isn’t much happening in the week - Young Makers Tech Club is having their bi-weekly meeting on Saturday (2pm, second floor of the library in the forum) and everyone is having a rest after last week’s craziness!

Happy Hacking


Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Feb 22, 2017


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